The Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District was formed in 1959 by landowners for the purpose of construction and operation of a groundwater recharge project. Historically, surface water from the Kern River overflowed into the Goose Lake Channel, which traverses Rosedale, on average of once every three years. Landowners were aware that these Kern River flows had a beneficial effect on water levels because of the significant increase in ground water levels after such events.

Rosedale encompasses approximately 44,000 acres of lands, of which approximately 27,500 are in irrigated agriculture, with an additional 7,500 acres developed in residential, commercial, and industrial.

Unlike many other water districts in Kern County, Rosedale makes very few direct deliveries to customers. Nearly all of Rosedale’s water supplies are recharged into the groundwater aquifer. By replenishing the aquifer, Rosedale can keep water levels high and reduce the pumping costs for recovery of the water. Rosedale is fortunate to overlie a unique geology that provides for the recharge and storage of high-quality water.


Join us in this immersive virtual tour as we explore Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District’s groundwater banking facilities.

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