Kern River

Subsequent to the formation of the District, a water supply contract was negotiated and entered into with the owners of interest in the waters of the Kern River under an agreement dated August 31, 1961 (“Kern River Agreement”).  Today this owner of interest is the City of Bakersfield.  Under the Kern River Agreement, Rosedale owns contractual rights to 10,000 acre-feet annually, provided that the use of the Kern River water is on property within Rosedale.  The term of the Kern River Agreement is in perpetuity, until both parties agree to terminate.  The yield of the right varies with hydrology on the Kern River, with more water available to Rosedale in wetter years. 


The other major contractual source of Kern River available to Rosedale is water purchased from the City of Bakersfield (the “City”).  Rosedale entered into a contract with the City on June 6, 1976, whereby the City agreed to sell up to one-third of its Miscellaneous Quantity Water (basically comprised of surplus Kern River water not needed by the City to satisfy its other obligations) for 35 years.  


The combination of the contract and Miscellaneous supplies make up approximately 17% of the District’s water supply portfolio.

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