Rosedale-Rio Bravo Management Area

The Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District has established the Rosedale-Rio Bravo Management Area (RRBMA) which will be included in the Kern GSA and will produce a chapter in the Kern GSP. It is one of several Management Areas formed within the Kern County Subbasin. The RRBWSD is approximately 40,000 acres and there is about 6,000 acres of Non-Districted (White Lands) also included in the RRBMA.

RRBWSD is forming stakeholder advisory groups to assist with the GSP development effort. Two advisory groups have been formed. The White Lands Advisory Committee is made up of stakeholders NOT in the District but in the RRBMA and the RRBMA Advisory Committee made up of stakeholders within the RRBMA. While the RRBMA is governed by the RRBWSD, unofficial stakeholder advisory groups have been established to provide an organized solicitation of input forum.  These forums are made up of representatives from four key stakeholder groups: Agricultural, Urban, White Lands, Environmental Justice, and Groundwater Banking.  Meetings are held monthly or as needed and geared towards discussions surrounding the development and implementation of the RRBMA SGMA GSP.  The RRBWSD has designated representatives from each group.

Notices and Documents from each can be found by following the links below.

RRBMA Stakeholder Advisory Committee

White Lands Advisory Committee

Water Accounting Step-by-Step Guide

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