Water Management Programs

Recognizing the increasing cost of water and the potential impacts to water supply reliability resulting from both environmental and legal restrictions in the Delta, Rosedale sought to develop a water management plan (“Plan”) designed to ensure a reliable and cost-effective water supply into the future.  To accomplish this, Rosedale evaluated the alternative supplies (Friant Kern and Kern River) and developed a Plan which capitalized on its strategic location and favorable aquifer characteristics.  


Implementation of the Plan required development of water banking programs with a variety of water entities and the acquisition of lands and infrastructure capable of capturing, storing and recovering water for the water banking programs.  Pursuant to the Plan, Rosedale developed a number of water banking programs whereby other water districts bring water in wet years and “bank” it in Rosedale for a future return.  The benefit of these banking programs is that for every two acre-feet of water delivered to Rosedale, only one is obligated to be returned.  This 2:1 ratio allows Rosedale to augment its water supplies and mitigate fluctuations or reductions in its supplies.  


These types of programs make up approximately 17% of the District’s water supply portfolio.


Rosedale currently has 2:1 banking programs with the following entities:

Arvin-Edison Water Storage District
Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District
Kern-Tulare Water District


Rosedale has also developed water banking programs which generate revenues to reduce the overall costs of water to Rosedale.  Rosedale currently has banking programs which generate revenues with the following entities:  

Castaic Lake Water Agency
Buena Vista Water Storage District

Coachella Valley Water District


Rosedale is also developing two new projects geared at supplying additional water to its water users. Onyx Ranch on the South Fork of the Kern River has precious water rights and the James Storage & Recovery Project offers additional groundwater storage.

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